Client's Testimonials

"The Abrise team was at its wits end to deal with the various complaints from the employees. Consulting Abrise Legal turned out to be the best decision for it introduced us to the intricacies of labor laws and helped us tide over the phase of dissatisfied employees."

HR Head,Leading Tech Firm

"Abrise legal provided excellent guidance, disclosure and proper follow up. They expressed genuine concern and patience with our legal questions and put in efforts to solve them."

Founder,Retail Start-up

"I would like to extend my gratitude to Abrise Legal for the professional manner in which they handled my litigation. Their experienced team ensured that I was comfortable and kept me informed throughout the whole process. I would proudly refer them to anyone, for they are unparalleled in their legal expertise."

MD,Media Agency

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Intern's Testimonials

When I first entered Abrise Legal's Andheri office, I had butterflies in my belly. This was the first time, I, a pesky fourth year Law student, was interviewing at a Law Firm that did not work in the predictable way a typical Law Firm usually does. Plus, it was my first interaction with a Firm that specialized in Intellectual Property, Media Law, Entertainment Law, and Sports Law. Needless to say, I was intrigued by all of the above. There was a catch though- I had never previously interned at a Firm that dealt with the abovementioned areas of practice.

With the words "Inexperienced Kiddo" all but stamped on my forehead, I entered Adv Richa Joshi's (Founder Attorney) office. The interview began and five minutes into the conversation, I knew I was hooked. Somehow, she had managed to fuel an interest in IPR in me. Today, I know in what field my future lies, thanks to Miss Richa. By the time the interview ended, we agreed that I was to join soon. The bag of nerves that had entered the office a few minutes ago left after being as an elated ball of energy.

I joined the next week, and ever since, have been on a roller coaster of learning and growth. So far, in the Firm, I have been involved in the following-
1. Trademark Filings and Replies
2. Drafting of basic Agreements like NDAs, Service Agreements, etc
3. Vetting of Agreements
4. Case research
5. Social Media Management
6. Research articles and blog posts

The best thing about this Firm is that it truly believes in breaking the stereotype. When the words "Law Firm" are uttered, one imagines a group of stern, inapproachable individuals who utter boring balderdash and make even simple matters impossible to comprehend. Abrise Legal thankfully has a fresh outlook towards the profession, and makes things prompt, professional, and truly enjoyable.
I had mentioned to Miss Richa that I was fond of writing when I joined. Today she lets me writes articles about legal subjects, and insists on them being informative, but also engaging and humorous. It is this attitude which makes the Firm unique. The Firm lets you work on things that interest you, while simultaneously educating you about hardcore Law. For instance, I am a person who loves social media. Managing social media on a behalf of a professional set up had always interested me. Today, at Abrise Legal, I am drafting agreements, but also posting on the Firm's social media accounts about legal updates and current affairs, and learning in the process.
All of the above creates a very productive atmosphere in the Firm. The Firm lets you be independent and actually contribute in your capacity as an intern, while also teaching you the Law. It builds up your client servicing and soft skills in the process. I am not treated like an intern normally is- there are no orders to hold fat commentaries for the bosses and instructions to sit back and only observe. I feel free to ask questions and my knowledge increases with each answer I get. It's a growing Firm, and therefore, offers hands-on experience.

All in all, it is one of my best internship experiences so far. I am doing precisely what I should be doing as a student- I am learning, and that makes me happy. It has been an enlightening journey that I shall fondly remember when I am a fifty-something lawyer with greying hair and and countless experiences, of which this is among the enriching ones.

Radhika Sarpotdar,Fourth Year- B.L.S, L.L.B

Working as an intern at Abrise Legal has been a great learning experience. I’ve learned skills that will carry over not only into my professional career, but also into my educational pursuit. From drafting agreements to clientele services, Abrise Legal has taught me a lot. There was a strong emphasis placed on learning through research and reading. The firm has a very warm and friendly environment owing to Richa Madam’s presence and skilled leadership. The firm has helped me realize that there can be a lot of colour in the otherwise conventionally black and white world of legal practice. I am truly grateful for my time at Abrise Legal.

Kanika Khanna,

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